Untreated depression increases the risk of alzheimer

Research at the University of California in the past in people who have suffered from depression and untreated at the age of 2 years more than the rate of catching alzheimera was detected. Untreated depression increases the risk of alzheimer Hacettepe University (HU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Department of Geriatrics Professor. Dr. Mustafa Cankurtaran, AA correspondent, said the average life expectancy increased the incidence of certain diseases, he said. He said alzheimer disease, which is also known as dementia among the people, is one of them, and he stated that forgetfulness is possible in everyone and alzheimer is increasing in frequency after age 65. Cankurtaran, "the age of 60-65 between age 5-9, 40 to 40 percent of the age is seen. So, in every elderly is not alzheimer and forgetfulness in old age should not be considered as a normal and must be investigated," he warned. Lifeguard, women in men with higher estrogen levels compared to men and depression is seen more frequently pointed to the "made research, depression, increased the risk of getting alzheimera increased risk," he said.The risk of alzheimer increases in those experiencing psychological trauma " Underlining that a history of depression has been a risk factor for alzaymir, Cankurtaran continued: "Untreated depression causes severe trauma in people with severe psychological trauma in the past. It was shown that the risk of Alzheimer's disease is higher in the elderly than in others. As a result of the research, in the past people who suffered from depression and untreated alzheimera 2 times more at the age of detection was found in the research.

"Not every forgiveness is alzheimer" Cankurtaran, in the last 6 months-one year in the course of the day to affect the work and life activities in the direction of the disease should be examined in terms of forgetfulness emphasized. Cankurtaran explained that the recent past was forgotten and the old memories were remembered very clearly in Alzheimer's patients. "Patients remember the old memories well until the end of the middle universe. For this reason their relatives, like Radish, remember how many years ago." He thinks that there is no problem, but the problem is that in the first place it is already hard to forget about the past and to learn new things. In the middle phase, behavior disorders such as vision, depression, agitation, tendency to violence, speaking with slang are seen. These patients may need psychiatric support or use of a drug



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